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search and rescue bloodhoundThe focus of our breeding program at Hansen Hounds is to produce a standard bloodhound with good health, structure, temperament, and the drive needed to excel in a working home.  We have numerous working bloodhounds in law enforcement, search and rescue, and hunting homes.  (Check out a few of their success stories here, for more photos, click here.)  If you are looking for a high drive, working bloodhound, you've come to the right breeder. 

Check out the videos of our pups in training below and read about some of their successful finds.  For more training videos of our pups that went to GAK9 subscribe to Jeff Schettler's channel on YouTube.

Some of our puppies' Success stories!

Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale5 April 2017 - K-9 Deputy Mike Parker and Benji of Highlands County Sheriff's Office (Zeus x Cheyenne) assisted Sebring Police Tuesday afternoon and caught a man who fled from a car after an attempted traffic stop.

At 3:19 p.m., Sebring PD Officer Yulier Ortega tried to stop a car on Lakeview Drive after spotting the driver not wearing a seat belt. The car, being driven by 50-year-old Danial John Scheer of Sebring, fled at high speed, so the pursuit was ended.  A short time later, a resident on Hi-Ta-Kee Avenue reported a car had pulled into his yard and two men fled on foot. The passenger was found by Ortega walking on Lakeview, but Scheer was still at large, so Parker and Benji responded to where the car was abandonded and started a track.  Benji followed the trail two blocks, where he found Scheer hiding beside a home on Kat-Ca-Lani Avenue. Scheer reportedly fled because the tag was not registered to the car and he did not have a driver's license. He was arrested by SPD and charged with knowingly driving with a suspended license and fleeing/eluding police.

Working K9 Law Enforcement SAR Bloodhound PuppyApril 2017 Update - From Deputy Miles Southworth, Salt Lake City PD and K9 Huck (Zeus x Ellie).  We have had a lot of success since I emailed you last. Huck got his first successful tracks and apprehensions at only 8 months old. I was hesitant to start deploying Huck so young, but our K9 squad was very shorthanded at the time, and there was a high demand for tracks. Huck’s first successful track happened after an officer got in a foot pursuit. The officer caught one of the two suspects he was chasing and lost the second suspect who ran into a backyard. Huck started where the officer last saw the suspect. He tracked two yards over and located the suspect trying to hide in some tall grass.

Huck next tracked a fugitive who fled on foot from AP&P officers after they tried to arrest the man for a Robbery and drug distribution warrants. It was raining and there was a 30 minute time lapse. Huck had a great track to find the suspect hiding in some thick shrubs and easily located him within a couple minutes of arriving on scene, which made a lasting impression on the AP&P agents and the other assisting officers.  
Huck had an unbelievable track a couple weeks later that was far beyond any of his training up to that point. We responded after an intoxicated female crashed her car on some train tracks and her car was found abandoned. The woman had made suicidal threats to her parents and they were very concerned for their daughter’s safety. Officers called for a K9 Unit to respond approximately 1.5 hours after the vehicle was found abandoned. I arrived on scene and poor young Huck was petrified by the loud clanging and grinding of the trains passing by. I attempted to calm him down for nearly half an hour and essentially gave up on trying to locate the track. I started walking Huck back to my police truck after doing some environmental training near the trains, then I noticed his tail was up and his nose was down working very hard. I put Huck back on his harness and cast him over the train tracks one last time. I passed a point where Huck gave a distinct head turn as if there might be a track. I cast him over the same spot and again he gave a distinct head turn. I started Huck on the track despite being extremely skeptical, and he trotted along with his nose to the ground. I crossed the street and continued to follow the track for approximately 1/2 mile through rocks bushes, dirt roads, over train track before Huck pulled me into a large industrial yard. He tracked through machinery and industrial equipment and we eventually located the female hiding inside the very large industrial yard. The officers were very impressed and even brought Huck hotdogs the next day to thank him for his good work.  

Huck and I responded to a call after a couple reported their 3 year old son was missing from his bed at 3AM on a very cold January morning. The boy was reportedly only wearing a diaper, and the parents found the side door of the house had been left swinging open. Everyone feared the worst. Huck started a track from the open door and ran through the back yard of the house. Huck ran to the side door of a house on the next street over and ran up onto the porch by the door. The young boy’s mother came running up behind me and burst through the door into the house before I could stop her. The young boy was standing right inside the door in nothing but his diaper. The mother explained the house belongs to the boy’s grandmother, but in their panic they did not think about the boy wandering over their on his own. The family was very relieved to find the boy so quickly and very impressed with Huck.

Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale20 March 2017 - Congratulations to K-9 Deputy Mike Parker and his partner, Benji (Zeus x Cheyenne), for their first successful track as a team that led to the arrest of a burglary suspect Monday, March 20.  Using one of the items stolen from a house on Payne Road as a scent article, Benji tracked suspect Kyle Davis a quarter mile from the scene, through a gate and right up to the door of the home where he was hiding. Also arrested in the case was Robert Pressley, who was in custody before Parker and Benji arrived on scene. Benji, who was purchased after the death of K-9 Billy during a training exercise last year and is the youngest dog on the K-9 team, now has 12 successful tracks. The first 11 of those were with Dusty McGee, his original handler.

Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale12 December 2016 - On 12/14/16, deputies from the Apple Valley Station responded to an attempted residential burglary near Yucca Loma Rd and Seminole Rd. Unknown suspects entered the back yard of the victim’s residence, shattered the sliding glass door, and attempted to make entry. When the suspects realized the victim was home, they fled the scene on foot. Deputies located two sets of shoe tracks at the scene. K9 Raider (Zeus x Ellie) was called in to assist in tracking the suspects. With no other evidence left at the scene, Raider acquired a scent from a single shoe track. Raider tracked the suspect’s scent along the busy roadway, ignoring all distractions, to the front door of a nearby residence. The residence was found to be the home of a subject who is currently on felony probation for burglary. Deputies were able to make contact with the occupants inside the residence. Two subjects inside the home, one being the probationer, were in possession of shoes matching the tracks from the crime scene. Both suspects were taken into custody and booked for attempt burglary and various other charges.

7 October 2016 - Montclair PD Ofc. Ben Martin and his GAK9 hound Cu Bocan (Zeus x Cheyenne) just got a great find last night. A suspect was wanted for commercial burglaries and foot bailed from a car stop. Ben started Bo off the car seat and he took to the trail immediately trailing the suspect to his hiding spot. Great work guys! It's really nice to hear of your successes. Keep up the good work keeping our communities safe!

Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale23 August 2016 - On Monday evening, August 22, 2016 at 1952 hours the Berwick Police Department, Berwick Fire Department, York Ambulance and American Ambulance responded to a motor vehicle crash on Route 236 in Berwick near the South Berwick town line. The male operator fled the scene prior to police arrival.  Upon arrival police located a 1998 Ford Explorer that had crashed into a stone wall in a driveway.  Sergeant Kristian Kerkensen and his canine partner Jasper (Zeus x Ellie) of the Strafford County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to track the suspect driver. With assistance from Berwick Officers, Sgt. Kerkensen and Jasper located Henry Bachelder, 67, of Berwick, Maine, about a quarter-mile from the crash scene.  Bachelder was arrested for Operating Under the Influence, Operating after Suspension and Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident. He was transported to the York County Jail.

Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale7 August 2016 - From Deputy Higuera of San Bernardino Sheriff's Department - Yesterday we got the call to assist the Homicide division by attempting to track a suspect. With the help from Barstow Deps, CHP, and our Specialized Enforcement Division(seen here in this awesome photo), we successfully tracked and located the suspect hiding in a drainage tunnel. This is our long awaited first official find and dang it feels good! Another special shout out to our fellow SBCSD K9s and their handlers who have helped us get to where we are today with their constant support, encouragement, and training. Great team accomplishment!

Police K9 Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale1 May 2016 - From Camden Country Sheriff's Department - Last week Sgt. Carter, K-9 Hannah (Zeus x Layla), and the Bloodhound Team were called to a vehicle that had left the roadway and was abandoned. While searching the vehicle for clues to who the car belonged to, methamphetamine was found in the car. The Bloodhound Team arrived on scene to help look for any persons who may be in the area hurt from the possible car accident. K-9 Hannah ended up tracking down two subjects from the car who had run from the scene and appeared not to be hurt. Another great catch from the Bloodhound Team and K-9 Hannah.

Police K9 Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale26 February 2016 - Earlier this week Deputy Bowen checked a vehicles speed at over 90 mph on the interstate. Deputy Bowen then pulled out and attempted to make a traffic stop on the mustang. Before catching up to the vehicle, the mustang sped up and left the interstate by getting off at exit 7. The mustang then pulled off the roadway in an attempt to get away but instead it ended up getting stuck in the mud. Two suspects from the mustang then fled on foot and attempted to hide in the woods. Deputies then set up a perimeter around the area and called for the Bloodhound Team. Sgt. Carter arrived on scene with K-9 Hannah (Zeus x Layla) and immediately started tracking the suspects through the mud, swamp and woods. In a short time K-9 Hannah found both suspects where they were arrested without further incident. A search of the vehicle found illegal narcotics hidden in the mustang. Another great find by the Bloodhound Team, Sgt. Carter and K-9 Hannah.

Police K9 Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale1 December 2015 - Last night the St. Marys Police Department responded to a shoplifting call at Walmart. SMPD put a lookout for the vehicle and the driver to local agencies. A Kingsland Police Officer spotted the vehicle and attempted to pull it over. At that time the driver ran into a wooded area and could not be found. KPD then called for the Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound Team. Sgt. Turner arrived on scene with K-9 Hannah (Zeus x Layla) and the rest of the Team. K-9 Hannah began to track down the suspect. Along the way of the track clothing that was described in the lookout was found. K-9 Hannah ended up tracking down the suspect where he was arrested without further incident. All three agencies did a great job and of course couldn’t have been done without K-9 Hannah!

Police K9 Working Bloodhound Puppies for Sale21 August 2015 - Hot off the press and the story is still developing! Camden County Sheriff's Office K9 dream team, Matthew Turner and his GAK9 hound Hanya (Zeus x Layla) trailed 2.5 miles in an urban setting and safely recovered an Alzheimer's subject. Great work guys!

Police K9 law enforcement working bloodhound puppies for sale24 March 2015 - Camden County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Turner and his GAK9 Hound Hannya catch another one, that's five catches in just the last couple of days folks! The suspect fled on foot after a car stop. By the time Matt and Hanny (Zeus x Layla) got on the track it was 45 minutes old. They tracked through a clear cut, swamp, and through the perimiter officers forcing and adjustment there. After about a mile of solid trailing, they found the suspect hiding in tall grass.

Police K9 Law Enforcement Working bloodhound puppy for sale21 March 2015 - From GAK9 NTC - Congratulations Matthew Turner and K9 Hannya (Zeus x Layla)! Caught 4 suspects last night. They responded to a call: Car chase out of Tennessee. Car wrecked, and they were advised 3 suspects bailed into the woods. The track went straight into a swamp. Even encountered a 6 foot gator, but that did not stop them!! First suspect caught in 30 minutes. Number 2 ran into a perimeter unit and turned himself in. They continued hunting suspect #3 and jumped him near the woods and interstate and eventually ran him into the dirt. When they got close realized there was a 4th suspect and took him into custody as well. Great job and Great team!!! Our K9s and handlers continue to make us proud.

 September 9, 2014 - From Jeff Schettler at Georgia K9 National Training Center.  (Hannya is one of our pups from Zeus and Layla's 2013 litter):  Matthew Turner and his GAK9 Hound Hannya make another catch...this time a double!
The Tracker Team was dispatched to an hour and a half old stolen vehicle bail out call last night with two suspects on the run. During their flight the suspects also burglarized a church before fleeing on foot once again. K9 Hannya was scented off the scene and trailed through two separate neighborhoods and over 2.5 miles, (4 KM). She and her Tracker Team located the suspects hiding in a camper trailer they broke into. Great team, hound, and handler!

July 26, 2014 - Check out this video of Arya, one of Ellie May's pups is working it for Georgia K9 NTC!

July 24, 2014 - Hannya did it again! (Zeus x Layla pup)  From Jeff Schettler of Georgia K9 National Training Center - Matthew Turner and his GAK9 Hound Hannya caught another one last night! The suspect fled from deputies on the freeway in South Georgia and then wrecked his ride near an off ramp. Thinking the swamp was his friend, the criminal did not count on a vengeful Hannya on his trail. Hannya, Matt and their K9 fugitive hunter team trailed the suspect through the swamp having to swim in places and then into thick woods. They located the subject hiding near a convenience store. This guy met his match with a true swamp monster. Good job Matt, Hannya, and team! You guys rock!

July 8, 2014 - Georgia K9 National Training Center chose Arya (Thor x Ellie) for their training program!

February 7, 2014 - Hannya and handler, Matt Turner of Camden County Georgia, did it AGAIN.  This girl is on fire!  This just in from Hannya's trainer, Jeff Schettler, Georgia K9 NTC:

Search and Rescue BloodhoundIt's always nice to have a smiling suspect in handcuff's guy in all black with his hands behind his back. Here is the story from Deputy Matthew Turner:

The case started when we received information of a possible murder suspect that was in a broke down vehicle on Interstate 95. When deputies arrived on scene, they observed a white male in a dark hoodie run to the east side of the interstate into the woods. We arrived on scene and began trailing. It took what felt like forever, but we caught him. Hannya came to an area in the woods adjacent to the marsh and began showing scent pool behavior. The suspect was spotted walking through the marsh approximately a half a mile from our location. It was in the marsh we were able to run him down and take him into custody. The suspect was in constant contact with subjects we had in custody. He was sending messages stating gotta go the dogs are on top of me. He sent several similar messages throughout the trail.

Turns out the charge of murder never stuck, the offense ended up being for a stolen vehicle. This trail was a total team effort, K-9, tactical runners, perimeter units, and helicopter. Everyone involved played a vital role in apprehending this guy. Russell Prescott, Daniel O'neal, Devon Carter, Danny Sikes, and the rest of the Bloodhound Tracking Team. And of course Hannya. Total time on trail was approximately 2.5 hours.

"There is no hunting like the hunting of a man"

January 14, 2014 - The practice of tracking wounded deer with a leashed dog is legal in 27 states...but not in Iowa.  If you are interested in helping us change this law follow us on our Iowa Blood Trackers Facebook page!

January 4, 2014 - From Jeff Schettler of Georgia K9 NTC: And another find today for another one of our kennel dogs, Hannya! This one is still on the press but the short story is Hannya found a missing and at risk disabled child today. I will post the story as soon as Matthew Turner lets us know them. Great job Matt! Can't wait to hear the details. Thanks Lori Hansen for giving me your Pick last year! She's solving crime and saving lives!  Here's the story from Matthew Turner:

Brother, I love this hound. Got a call this afternoon about a 19 year old mentally handicapped deaf female who left her residence after a fight with her mother. No one knew where she went and did not provide a time frame for her departure. The family could only advise she was wearing a red sweatshirt and pants when she left, but did advise her Mickey Mouse doll was missing. Started Hannya off a jacket she was wearing earlier that day and we took off. Trailed to patch of woods near the marsh in a nearby neighborhood. Once In the woods, Hannya started picking her pace up. We trailed approximately 200 yards into the woods and Hannya rounded a big old Oak tree. The girl was sitting on the other side of the tree, and when the girl saw Hannya, she began running . Lost sight of the girl, but Hannya worked it out and we caught up to her about 50 yards later. She was an emotional wreck, but said through her mother (interpreter) she was happy to see us. And also said she ran because she is afraid of dogs. Thank you guys for such a great Hound, and also for some of the best trailing training I have ever experienced.  ...Sgt. Matthew R. Turner

Search and Rescue Bloodhound PuppiesDecember 21, 2013 - From Jeff Schettler of Georgia K9 NTC: "Early morning manhunt through the swamps...robbery suspects on the loose and dangerous. Manhunter team hot on their trail with bloodhound Hannya hell bent for leather, on their scent like stink on crap. River crossings in chest deep water and over an hour of constant trailing only to find the hardened criminals huddling for warmth after getting lost in a place they should not have been in the first place. Three lessons to be learned by fools such as these: 1) Don't come to this hounds' ground and foot bail...you will get caught. 2) The swamps are a dangerous place. 3) They were lucky to leave walking...Excellent Job Matt and Hannya!"

December 5, 2013 - From Jeff Schettler of Georgia K9 NTC:  Hannya and Deputy Matt Turner make their first find together!  "Our little girl Hannya has grown so fast. Not even a year old yet she just completed her handlers course with veteran bloodhound handler, Matt Turner Camden County Sheriff's Office and already they made their first find together! Here is their story: "It was a vehicle bail out, white male juvenile. Got a good scent article, and she did fantastic. Started in a wooded area went approximately 75 yards and had to cross a four lane highway. She crossed it no problem, picked the scent up in the ditch, and into the woods we went. Continued trailing for maybe 500 yards, then I saw the suspect running across a clear cut. When he hit the woods on the other side of the clear cut, it was a short patch of woods. Perimeter units were right there waiting. Man I love this Hound."  Way to go Team Hannya!

March 15, 2013 - One of our puppies was chosen by Georgia K9 National Training Center for their program.  GAK9's standards are extremely high and we are proud to have placed a puppy with them.  You can follow 'Hannya' on their website and videos.  She is kicking rear!

October 9, 2012 - One of our puppies, Pops, passed his Certification I.  Here is a video of Pops with his handler Kent Stuart.  Way to go Pops!

Bloodhound Puppies for SaleJanuary 6, 2011 - News Flash!  One of our bloodhound puppies was adopted by a member and trainer with the National Police Bloodhound Association. 'Copper' was called out to find someone who had been lost in the woods for several hours…and he was successful!  The gentleman had hypothermia but he is alive. No doubt Copper and Terry saved his life.  Many thanks to Copper's family for sharing this story with us!

Training Videos

Cheyenne x Zeus 2016 puppies in training w/GAK9.  5 of 6 puppies are going to working homes from this litter!
First puppy trails at 9 weeks old:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJhwSdqJ-GA&feature=youtu.be

Ellie x Zeus 2015 pups in training w/GAK9:  Raider, Storm, Reign as well as K9 Jasper with Strattford County, NH
Cheyenne x Zeus 2015 pups in training w/GAK9:  Cu Bocan, Blue

K9 Raider's Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/K9Raider/?fref=ts

Storm – Jan 26, 16   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY_O8csRlmQ&feature=youtu.be

Raider – Dec 30, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vklKYn3Zr8s

Reign – Dec 29, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zQdztyp5Eg

Raider – Dec 8, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou60gymmqrQ

Raider – Dec 3, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1jsPqqP1Gg

Storm – Dec 1, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWUhMZeyKVc

Raider – Nov 30, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrXSHuGhgl0

Storm – Oct 19, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrXSHuGhgl0

Reign – Sep 1, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUzOjwhskhU

Raider – Sep 3, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3BUztrBv2I

Cheyenne’s Pups first fire trails – Aug 1, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfE7ILRzVUQ

Reign – 532 meters double blind – Jul 17, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSdmZX4m-gg

Raider, Storm, Reign – June 8, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8vS466Frb4

Storm & Reign – May 25, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZcKMs1nehA

Storm – May 22, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLuOtd33vjs

Storm – May 13, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e_L_d4NqEM

First Fire Trails – April 16, 15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJYFOjzMqDg

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