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We care about what our customers think and decided to post a few of the many emails we've received.
We care about each and every puppy that leaves us and enjoy hearing about their progress.
We are with our puppy owners for life!

Bloodhound Puppy DugDug is the BEST addition to our household.  I bought a new house last year (we are still in Sioux Falls), and immediately fenced in the yard.  He loves it out there.  Even when there is shade, he will do his best to lay in the sun.  We call it "Dug's House" ...we just live there.  We still cannot BELIEVE the personality this dog has!  All of my friends call him a human because he can literally understand pretty much everything you say and acts more like a human than a dog.  He will also let you know (and hold a grudge for days) when he is mad at you for going out of town for a weekend and leaving him alone with only Daddy...trust me...I found that out the hard way :)  He is such a big baby. 

Bloodhound Search and RescueHi Lori,  It was great that we got to talk to you last night. After we talked to you Terry and Brandon called and said Copper had another great day!!! He started in new puppy classes and with in one day he was put in advanced puppy trails now that is awesome. They said his nose is to the ground and off and running. Terry and Brandon can't get over how great he is doing, this is the first time he has been put in his harness for trailing. The other day Brandon went to put on his harness to start a trail and he was so excited to get going he jumped out of his harness and took off with his nose to the ground searching. Today is their last day in New York and Brandon said they are going to try him on regular trails that the other dogs are doing that have had experience. So can't wait to hear how he did, will keep you posted, So when they get back Copper will be ready to be on call to go searching.  Terry said that Copper is really great with all of the dogs and is very playful with all of them. He also said that everyone out there just love him and said he is so cute. Almost everyone out there have red bloodhounds. We are so happy with him and we love him so much and he is very spoiled!!!!! Our other 2 dogs miss him so much. Thank you Lori for all of your help your picture's are on there way!! We will keep you posted and will let you know when he gets called out and how he does. He has already done a presentation for the boy scouts now he is doing one for girl scouts when he gets back.  Take care,  Terry, Rhonda, Brandon, Breanne, Copper, Akiak and Savannah

Bloodhound Puppies for SaleSo its been a few months and Hank has grown a lot so we thought we'd shoot you a email. Well first we named him hank ( After Hank Williams Jr.) since he looks so country. I wanted to name him Wyatt but was over ruled. So far he's been a really good dog, really smart we had him potty trained in about 5 or 6 weeks. In that time he only peed in the house a maybe a dozen times and the last few times were right by the door and we just didn't get him out in time. He's starting to learn to 'kennel up'.  I'm pretty sure he knows what it means he just doesn't want to do it. He's been to the vet and is a healthy 53 pound dog. The girls at the vet love him and show him off to other customers while we are there. He really likes socks and underwear which would have been a lot cheaper to buy than the toys we got him. He likes walks around the neighborhood but for some reason the little ankle biter dogs scare him. Hopefully he gets over that little embarrassing to have a big puppy scared of a 5 pound rat. Well here's a picture of him taking up half the couch that he wasn't suppose to be on. Not his fault the girlfriend doesn't listen to me either.  Brendan, Nikki, & Hank

Hi Lori,  Just wanted to give you an update on Merle.  He is a wonderful puppy!  He slept the entire six and a half hours home.  He was quite the cuddler and still is.  My husband went to a fire call and came home and said that he had his paw on my cheek sleeping  He is also quite the snorer!  He snores louder than most adults do I think! :)  We've had two accidents, but other than that he is doing great with potty training.  He has gotten a LOT of attention in the past two days.  It was very difficult to leave him at home today and go to work.  Thank you again.  We are so excited to have our first puppy!  Just wanted to let you know that he is doing well as I know how hard it must be to raise them and then have to see them go.  Thanks for everything!   Ashley

Hi Lori,  We made it home yesterday morning... We also did go with the name Isabella (Bella) and she is just a doll to have around... It is so funny because she seems to be really nervous on our linoleum floors, but she loves our carpet that in the bed room  lol....she has her own bed but prefers to sleep in-between me and my husband LOL she gets a long great with my other dog... so far she seems to know that she needs to go potty outside and not in the house which is a wonderful thing... but we will see as she gets more comfortable here in our home... as far as chickens go LOL she seems to be afraid they will eat her... LOL.  Well as soon as I can I will be e-mailing pictures of her to you...THANK YOU AGAIN SOOO MUCH!!!!  Amber & Family

Hi Lori!!  I can't wait to see the new litter!!!!  Just wanted to send you an little bit more recent picture of Ben!! He is so much fun, I love him to death!!!  Hope all is well!!  Take care!!! Erin

Hi!  The trip went well got home around 11:30pm she slept the whole way! Hasn't been too bad for sleeping she likes to fall asleep with some one but once she is asleep she is fine and she still whines when she wakes up alone. She is getting along great! I can't remember the name of the author I should look for when getting info on training for tracking, you had given me a name but can't seem to remember it. I know it will be a while before she will be ready to learn but would like to get some good books or videos so we can be ready when she is. Thanks for the info. Thanks for the wonderful new family member!  Tina

Lori,  I wanted to send you pictures and update you on Boomer.  He is doing GREAT!!  He is already potty trained, knows his name, knows how to fetch, and knows how to sit.  He caught a live mouse running around outside a few days ago and carried around in his mouth to show off!!! haha!! :)  We weighed him last Sunday and he is at 20 pounds!  Growing VERY fast.  He has become attached to Matt much sooner than I ever expected.  And he has also found his "voice" with short cute howls coming out!!  Attached are some pictures of him, the first one is of Matt and Boomer the first weekend we had him, the 2nd and 3rd picture are on Tuesday (11 weeks old) during the Iowa Bowl Game.  We are so thankful to have him in our lives... he really has help complete our family.  Thank you!  Sarah

Hi Lori,  The first three days have gone really well!  He slept all the way home and has been really well behaved.  He got to go to the county fair and a horse sale all in one weekend! I wondered if it would be too much for him but he loved every minute of it! The thing that surprised me the most was how well he reacted to a leash.  He just trotted beside me the whole time and wanted to check everything out!  He slept in his kennel the first night and only whined for about five minutes after putting him in the first time, and the same when thing when I woke him up a couple of times in the night to take him outside.  Last night he was spoiled and got to sleep in bed with us!  This morning I woke up and he was hogging my pillow and laying on his back with his paws in the air! He has a lot of character and is a pretty cool guy!  His favorite new toy is a stuffed raccoon with a squeaker in it; he always shakes it like he is killing it and loves to carry it around with him!  I do have a question for you requested by Brian, lol.  He wanted to know what kind of shampoo you used, because Rooster smelled so good!  Thank you for all of your help!   Erica

Hi Lori!  I just wanted to let you know how Lady was doing, I will send a picture as soon as I get settled in after the long holiday break!  She is now potty trained...thank the lord!  and she is sitting, staying, coming when called and kind of laying down...i got her to do it once ;)  The cat actually makes her chase him...weirdest thing I've ever seen!  And she loves to play fetch..she loves the snow, but mom can't stand being out there that long!!  hahaha!  Well I better get more work done. I just thought I'd let you know how she is doing!  We love her very much!  Thank you!  Hope you had a great holiday season!  Kelly and Derick



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