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We are taking applications for our 2019 puppies! 

We highly recommend you visit your breeder if at all possible.  Make sure you purchase your puppy from a responsible breeder who offers a health guarantee  and OFA Health tests their adults!

Bloodhound Puppies for SaleLocated in SW Iowa, our focus is to provide standard, healthy, high drive working puppies suitable for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, as well as wonderful companions.  We have completed OFA health testing for our breeding adults so you can be confident your puppy comes from healthy certified parents, our puppy health program is top-notch, and we offer a solid health guarantee.  Our puppies are whelped indoors and socialization begins at day one.  We use bio-sensor stimulation exercises, we interact with our puppies daily, we work on age appropriate environmental and socialization situations, and our puppies are professionally evaluated and temperament tested around eight weeks of age.  If you are looking for a working puppy, click here.

We welcome and encourage potential bloodhound puppy owners to visit us and strongly recommend you visit your breeder whoever that may be.  When our boys or girls aren't in the house with us, they have wonderful accomodations of their own with room to run in their 3 acre play yard. It's all about them at our house!  :-)

Working bloodhound puppies for sale SAR law enforcementWe selected our bloodhounds for their health, disposition, drive, conformation, and family history.  Our goal is to work with the bloodhound's natural abilities:  hunting, field trials, search and rescue, man-trailing, as well as offering a loyal and lovable companion. 

Working bloodhound puppies for sale SAR law enforcementWe have numerous puppies in Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue.  Our pups are proven!  If you are looking for a high drive working bloodhound, click here.

search and rescue bloodhoundBloodhounds have a one track mind...Tracking, tracking, TRACKING! Tracking / trailing is what they were bred to do.  So, before you adopt a bloodhound, please do your research, talk to other bloodhound owners, and learn as much as you can about the breed.


Working K9 Bloodhound Law Enforcement Search and Rescue SARIf you are looking for a bloodhound with the characteristics that made bloodhounds famous, contact us!

To join our contact list, please email a completed puppy
 application to lori@hansenhounds.com

Wanna see some of our pups in training?  Follow our working puppies?  Click here.

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Bloodhound Puppies for Sale

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